Squid Game Token Goes Bust; Drops Below Half a Cent

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A popular digital asset known as Squid Game token – based on a hit Netflix series – has gone kaput. The currency was trading for well over $2,800 during the weekend, but the currency has since crashed into oblivion and is now worth less than half a cent after executives decided to pull the plug and run off with all the proceeds.

Squid Game Token Is Over and Done With

The currency gets its name from “Squid Game,” a Netflix series in which players gamble with their lives. The news was broken after the creators of the coin decided it was time to end the project early. They cashed out as much as $3.3 million worth of the token for cash, which ultimately left them rich but a lot of the currency’s traders penniless and humiliated. The situation is known as a “rug pull,” a common term in the crypto space.

In an apparent scam, the developers of the token put out the…

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