First Metadata-Shredding dApp Released by Elixxir

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Elixxir announced the release of their first smartphone dApp, xx alpha messenger, which runs on the xx network public alpha. There is no other smartphone app available that offers the level of privacy that xx alpha messenger does. The dApp accomplishes this by erasing user data so any potential observers lack the ability to connect a sender with the receiver.

The xx alpha messenger app provides increased user privacy in an age where tech conglomerates are tracking users’ every move. The dApp shreds any metadata that users generate during the course of their activities.

Elixxir is a metadata-shredding privacy platform founded in 2017 by David Chaum, a well-known computer scientist. Chaum is a widely recognized cryptographer and known for inventing digital cash.

From the press release, “’We’ve worked hard over many years to build the infrastructure of the xx network and lay…

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